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We provide custom programming services in the following areas, in addition to web/internet programming

Desktop Applications Technology Spread

Desktop Applications, also referred to "rich clients" utilize the computing power of the client's machine to perform all the needed tasks. (As opposed to "thin clients" that utilize the computing power of a remote server.) Desktop applications are most commonly used for document composing, tracking customers, paying bills, generating invoices, and inventory control. In the past, desktop applications used to be an isolated component in the business logic. Today, they are being integrated as a part of network or sometimes internet system and can communicate with websites and hand-held devices (phones, PDAs). Inverted Software has extensive experience with desktop applications in JAVA, Visual Basic, and .Net.

List of programming technologies:

MFC (Microsoft foundation classes) One of the oldest and most complicated Windows technology is Microsoft's C++ based Visual C++. Every program written in that language starts out as a blank window, 4 megabyte in size. The programmer then adds the necessary visual elements and C++ code to interact with those elements. Because of the complexity of this process, development in this method is highly expensive and suitable for small and medium businesses.
VB (Visual Basic) Microsoft's Visual Basic is designed for ease of use. Programs written in this language are more suitable for small and medium businesses. VB can be integrated into Microsoft Access forms and the combination of drag and drop form design and behind the scenes VB code is very suitable for low budget programs.
JAVA: Sun's Java technology is the most advanced logically and visually. Inverted Software produces high quality Java programs. Java programs can run on any platform, which means that in businesses where the receptionist is using an apple computer and accounting department is using PC's, the same program will function properly on both systems.
.NET: Written in C#, or Visual Basic .Net. Microsoft's .Net platform is taking VB to the next level. It is an enhancement of Visual Basic and the Java generic programming model. .Net programs are cheaper to develop than Java; however, they are not as sophisticated.

There are many more programming languages that are used for building desktop applications (Borland's Delphi, etc.).

Relational Databases

Relational databases utilize the SQL (structured query language). Relational databases are the absolute majority of the databases used today. They are the easiest to manipulate.

Microsoft Access: A desktop database fits for small uses and can be used for small websites.
Microsoft SQL Server 6/7/2000: Microsoft SQL Server is a more robust application suitable for high traffic websites and network desktop applications.
IBM DB2: IBM's version of a database server. It is in the same performance league as Microsoft's SQL Server.
Oracle 7i/8i/9i: The biggest gun out there. It requires a high-performance machine and constant maintenance. It is used by all the leading companies and is known to serve up to 60,000 clients at the same time.
Point Base: This pure Java database has three versions: Micro, Embedded, and Server. It is recommended to be used in a small Java Windows Application because of its low footprint and high compatibility.

Some other databases we can program for you include: Sybase, Interbase, etc.

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